A. Kelly Richard


The Process

I begin by preparing detailed proportional drawings of my subject. Correct proportions are very important in creating believable figures. I work from real life whenever possible but also rely on photographs when necessary. Based on my drawings I develop an aluminum armature, shaping it to define the dimensions of the figure. I position the head and limbs to convey the personality of the figure. I make every effort to instill life and infuse emotion into all of my work. I always create the eyes for my figures, never relying on commercially made glass or plastic eyes.

The armature forms the base for the polymer composite or epoxy clay. The clay is applied in thin layers to the outside of the armature. Each sculpture consists of many layers of clay. Each layer requires 24 to 48 hours of drying time before another layer can be applied.  For me, this is the artistic part of the process. I enjoy creating texture on my pieces. Countless hours and extensive attention to detail go into creating every sculptural piece. 

The dried piece of sculpture is sealed with a primer. It is then hand painted with acrylic paint and sealed again with a matte or satin finish. From concept to finished product it takes 4 to 8 weeks to complete.


Photo by thefrenchguy photography